Friday, 2 May 2008


Well it's Friday again (how did that happen????)
For once I'm still in bed at 8.30am, which has been a bit of a rarity lately but I have a day off school today to go in to university and I don't need to go in until 11.15am. In that time I have a mountain of things to do, like packing for the weekend away I'm about to go on. Do you remember a while ago I ran for catering officer in the university club I'm a member of? While when I did I didn't quite realise that my living room would end up looking like this!

And you can't see the piles of vegetables and bread that are still behind me!
Yesterday started at 6.20am and didn't stop until 11.30pm, I practically fell in to bed unconscious! Shopping for 40 people for 3 days is a lot of food, and I don't think my body is liking me today for what it went through yesterday, too much carrying of awkward heavy crates, bending over and generally standing up for hours at a time has done nasty things to my back!
Anyway a list of things to do today-
Put clean washing away
Find things to take in to university
Collect wool from the post office

And I have to leave the house at 10.45am! I don't quite think it's going to be done in time.

Anyway I promise to be back on Tuesday (or maybe wednesday) with some entertaining photos of the weekends activities.

Which leads to me todays fix it friday before I go and shower. i thought today I'd share a few of the programs I've downloaded for my gorgeous macbook that I couldn't live without.

Planbook- this is what I use to organise all my teaching, it's an amazing piece of software ad I'd be lost without it.
You Control Tunes- this puts a play/pause, and skip button in the top menu bar, meaning I can leave iTunes minimised but still pause what I'm listening to.
Flickr Uploader- this is my newest discovery, but make uploading photos to Flickr so easy.
VLC- For some reason the volume on my macbook is stupidly quiet, all the programs that come with my mac don't let me increase it anymore, however VLC lets me increase the volume further than any other DVD/media player.

And you know what's the best thing, they're all free!


  1. Have a fun weekend and take lots of photos of drunken friends. The state of that living room looks all too familiar, I feel for you. At least it will all be eaten up soon enough.

    Have a safe trip and don't break any buses.

  2. Ooo...thanks for putting the software links on your blog...they'll be really helpful!