Tuesday, 11 March 2008

School days should start at 11am!

quick question-
Can I have days like this when I'm still a teacher?
I'm still in bed, and while I have been working since 7.30am it's wonderful to be able to be a bit more time and relax. It's very much needed at the moment! The reason for my laziness, we've got 2 days in university and this morning is individual appointments with one of my tutors. I got lucky and got an appointment at 11.20, so I've actually been able to catch up. Well if you ignore the pile of marking to do!

This weekends high Peak Marathon was a wonderful success, no one hurt themselves, and everyone got home in one piece.
Here are a few quick photos of what was going one, note the stripey wellies, and yes i was me driving that minibus that left the red blurs across the car park!

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