Friday, 14 March 2008


After a weeks break I am back with fix-it-friday. This Friday I'm going to share the video I created on Monday (instead of going to a lecture), that was aimed at making people vote for me and Lana caterers on the committee of the High PEak Club, despite the fact that I graduate next year, and will have managed 4 years at university without being on committee I've managed it just as I am no longer a student!

Anyway here is a video on how to make a mountain cake! (Be warned if you are easily offended I'd maybe give this a miss, it's not extremely offensive, but a cocktail stick did get a little misplaced!)

(Sorry, google video has decided to disable it (copyright?????) , it takes ages to dispute it (and it might be breaking copyright, who knows??) so I'm trying to upload a youtube version and we'll see if that one stays up.

1 comment:

  1. I am not easily offended and I thought the toothpick just the right touch! Well done! The cake is extremely clever and you two are extremely funny. I am glad no one else was home or they would have thought their mom was crazy for laughing and laughing at the computer! Thanks.