Saturday, 5 January 2008

Some pictures

All the snow had melted by the next morning, so I'm glad I went out in it, as we just don't get that much snow anymore. The photos aren't the greatest, but they do show just how little fell, unlike in some areas of the UK where there is currently an avalanche risk!

I've started making the leaves that are making up my blanket, and I'm very pleased with them, my Mum felt I had maybe bitten off a bit too much, but so far it seems ok. There are 3 leaves here, one is my Mums to show me what the pattern should look like, and two are mine, both with a couple of mistakes, but not ones that will be visible in the finished project. the yarn is far more purple than it looks in these pictures. When I've made 48 like this they're sewed together and make up a blanket, with a knitted border.

Tonight I'm off to be a casualty for a mountain rescue exercise, should be cold, temperatures are below freezing at night right now.

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