Monday, 14 January 2008

Hide and seek

Look who came to play!
This is what I spent yesterday doing ,using my new sewing machine! We had no mishaps, though next time I might use a thicker fabric as turning it right way out without ripping it was a nightmare, I had to re-sew 2 bits. She still needs her button eyes, a nose and a mouth but I need to buy the bits to to do that. I also need some more stuffing as I ran out part way through and had the inspired idea of using rice. While this does give it a certain weight it's definitely decorative rather than a toy as it's now un-washable, and I'm not sure the stitching will take it! It's also why she wont stand up properly, with proper stuffing it would be far stiffer. The free pattern came from Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls .

I have now made 15 out of 48 leaves for my blanket, and will probably get a couple more done tonight. Knitting them is a bit like going through a day. Sometimes they fly off the needles without hardly any thought and no mistakes, other times they just wont go right and it takes real grit to persuade them to get completed!
It's a very grey day right now, though I have been home all afternoon which has been so nice to sit and not have anything to do but what I want, no appointments or anything!

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