Saturday, 12 January 2008

An apology and a giveaway

Ok as I have managed to terrify my Mum with that last post, and on re-reading it I sounded very ungrateful to my friends.

My friends are wonderful, over the past few days I've needed distracting from my big messy home life and they have done the job beautifully. Some have fed me more than a bottle of wine, and kept me up till 3am talking, others have cooked for me, and others have just let me know they still know who I am. It's all very appreciated, and has provided much fun over the past couple of days. However this not disguise the fact that my once beautiful flat is no longer a place I wish to spend much time in, I am always on my own here and it just allows my brain to wander and ponder at the mess I am in.

Anyhow, I have found a new house for next year with two of my friends, it is lovely and 5 minutes from one of my favourite pubs! I've started looking for jobs, but none are being advertised in our local area.

Also my gift from Niobe has finally made it here. She's printed off 3 of her lovely photos, and they are waiting to be put in to frames. So in the spirit of gift giving I thought I'd offer to do the same. I don't quite know what I'm going to make yet, but I will craft something for you. First 5 people to leave me a comment, and send me an email (hilltopkatie at gmail dot com) will be sent something. the only condition being you make the same offer on your own blog.

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  1. I like your glasses in the photo below, and am glad you are feeling a bit better. I live alone myself, and am missing the casual feeling of having others in the house and doing their own thing.