Friday, 18 January 2008


Jo over at Tangled Me has this great idea going where you share something you know or know how to do. Now what I know most about is probably climbing and that doesn't share too well on a website, however I've recently started knitting, and one of the inspiring sites I've found is Knitting Iris, she has such wonderful socks, made out of such wonderful wools. So much so that she has inspired me that it cant be that hard and my first lot of sock yarn and a learn to knit socks instruction kit is in the post, because knitting my blanket isn't enough!

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  1. I am certainly inspired by her knitting!
    Thanks for participating in Fix-it Friday.
    I have an idea for a good climbing post. I have recently become addicted to the Discovery show Everest so I find the whole climbing thing not just fascinating but confusing. How about a post with just the basics of equipment, what they are called, what they look like and what you use them for? I would LOVE it personally!