Monday, 12 March 2007

What's going to happen next?

Well so far today there have been 2 mini dramas....
First up I noticed that the date for my invitation to have my Queens Guide Award presented by the Countess of Wessex, and the date on the letter don't match! Seeing as how my Mum has only just booked the train tickets, deciding the extra cost was worth reduced hassle getting the date wrong would be a disaster! Luckily I'd got it right, so that was one panic over.
Second was the discovery that our freezer is broken, now I rely on the freezer big style, I bulk by and I cook and freeze lots of stuff for later consumption. For once I wasn't left cursing our landlord, he came round immediately and went straight to buy us a new one, we should receive it tomorrow. Still have to do something with all the food, but I'm brave, everything can go in Lexs freezer tonight, and to be honest I don't think a refrozen naan bread and pizza are going to kill me, and all the meat is still frozen.

Does leave me wondering what's left, in case you were wondering my cold is better, my blood pressure on the other hand!

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