Saturday, 6 October 2007


I know 2 posts in a day, but I need to vent!
You could say I'm having man trouble, Lex and I just had a big row. Basically we're both overworked, too tired and I'm ill. All quite a dangerous combination. Was the usual couple argument really, I'm sick of him making a mess and not tidying it up; I don't feel leaving his post on the coffee table for week is on; he hates me tidying up after him, and says he can look after himself! I'm sick of doing all the cooking and washing, and washing up, he deals with that resentment in a very manly way, with humour. And yep you've guessed it, that makes me madder!

As a result he's stormed out to the "do" he's off to tonight, with me in a most attractive way screaming "why don't you just f$%k off", I know I'm not proud of it, but read the first sentence for justification. I'll end up apologising, I always do, but christ I could cheerfully wring his neck right now.

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