Saturday, 6 October 2007

The lurgy

I have the dreaded lurgy. So it's freshers week, lots of new germs mixing, it's to be expected! Ok acceptance over, why is my cold worse than everyone else's, I've managed to drag myself down to university for the last 2 days, but dear god, dragging myself back up the hill was horrible.
I'm sick of food not tasting, I can't even taste a cup of tea! and the snot, yeah gods the snot.... we'll stop there before the few people that read here decide never to visit again, even if for some of them I know more about their crotch than I really want, yes I'm talking to you Eliza.
Anyway I need to go and find some more tissues, and try to work out how many Guiding meetings I'm going to next week (3 I think), and actually do some work to keep up with my uni course.

So of course I'll actually watch some more TV, and wander round the internet for another couple of hours.

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