Thursday, 30 August 2007

itching my way through the day

The midge bites, yep still itch, they have resisted zirtek, piriton and every anti intching, anti allergic reaction cream in my Mum's pharmacy/first aid kit (quick question, if anybody wants to answer, what html do I need to type to get words striked through?)
However I am being strong,and somehow have not scratched to the point of drawing blood, given everyone (apart from Lex), who I have shown these bites to has winced I think this is very impressive.
As well as being as looking like a walking dot to dot puzzle I also had to go the dentists, 3 more fillings, if I carry on this way I will have no teeth left. i will hasten to add that my dentist assures me I brush my teeth correctly, but I just have bad teeth, food gets stuck in the gaps between them, and I have many many crevices for nasty things to happen. So yet again I have a sore mouth, however in comparison to getting a root canal done it was a walk in the park. So for this year I reckon I'm on a root canal, and maybe 4 ordinary fillings, a polish, and 4 x-rays, the bil, (thank god I have a NHS dentist), less than £150, wooo tits!
More food has been cooked, like last year, I'm off to chatsworth country fair to help with the mountain rescue fundraising tomorrow, have I packed no, but I do know the location of my wellies, and more importantly I have cake!
Currently looking at the living room, and deciding if I need to clean, or if I should just chuck the throws back on the sofa and blow it. I think the latter option may win, I have changed the bed however, and while I may not have prepared tea I at least know what I will cook. Excuse me while I go for a good scratch.

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