Tuesday, 28 August 2007

In true modern multi-tasking style

This is being written while watching Tribe. I've just got out of the bath, which was aimed to ease the hundreds of midge bites ( I would take a photograph, it's a bit like a huge dot-to-dot puzzle, but Lex would laugh!), which I got today while out teaching climbing. I came back from what is my thoroughly modern job, 50 years ago climbing instructors didn't exist, to that age old task, the washing. Lex and I only went away for 3 days, but the amount of stuff required, and more crucially the amount of washing created in unbelievable!
We're on 2 loads today, with another 2 in the wash basket still, even worse I'm going home for a day to do some more instructing as a favor to a friend, and also to get my fillings sorted so I will be able to eat sweet things without wincing again!
There are photos from the holiday, and even another video, but I don't think I'll et chance to download them until next week, patience is a virtue and all that!

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