Thursday, 3 May 2007

Trying to get motivated

I'm going away for this weekend. I'm off camping with the climbing club to Borrowdale in the Lake District. This year we're self catering, normally all club weekend are catered and that's great, you can come in from a day out and food is cooked for you (yes I do help sometimes, but I usually spend all day Friday driving people round, and drive a minibus up there Friday night, and one home sunday evening so I feel justified in taking it easy!).
The camping weekend however is different, for a start the caterers have to cook for 40 people on underpowered camping stoves, and it's just a hell of a lot more difficult than cooking in a regular kitchen. so as a result cooking for yourself can be easier and nicer!
Anyway I have a mountain of stuff in my room that I'm meant to be packing and I just can't get started, the food is all sorted, I have my priorities after all! However my personal kit is another matter, I've really not even started. I'm trying to pack light this year as I always always take too much stuff, and it's not working, I have more stuff than ever!
anyway the sooner I pack the sooner I can go to sleep.....mmmmm sleep!

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