Monday, 30 April 2007

Feeling proud

Just a quick post as I'm meant to be working... still!
I'm feeling so proud at the moment, one of the girls I coached as part of my job at the climbing wall, has just won one of the rounds at the junior regional climbing competition, and is through to the national finals where if she goes I have a feeling she'll do very well! The reason I'm proud is that no one else had bothered coaching these kids, they were content just to let them mess about and have a laugh. I could see some of them had talent and wanted them to do more so I started trying to make them think about technique and how to climb better. The other staff didn't believe in sending children that young to competitions so had never bothered. How many children missed out because of this?
Anyway while it's her brilliant achievement I'm still happy for me because her Dad has said he'll miss not having me there teaching her daughter, and he's grateful for how much I did for her, and the others. Here's hoping she goes to the national finals and does herself justice.

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