Wednesday, 9 May 2007

How was the weekend?

Well all the packing was done, nearly everything made it to Borrowdale with a few key exceptions. Having spent thursday afternoon collecting 250 pints of real ale from local brewery's guess what got left in the kit store..... the taps to get the beer out of the barrels! (along with fuel for mine and Lex's stove, our barbeque and our cooking pans! doh!)
However a brewery in lakes came to our rescue and not a single pint was left by monday afternoon. The weather was ok, I had a good day bouldering at St Bees on Saturday, then on Saturday night the wind blew, and blew, and blew! Mine and Lex's new tent remained standing to our eternal relief. The beer tent however took off at 3am, with the poles bent in to awesome shapes. The mess tent lasted until 5am, 2 poles shattered, and the tent took off with a person clinging on heading for the minibuses, Luckily it missed!
The bar was rebuilt, using both minibuses, and drinking resumed on sunday night, fear not, we're students nothing was going to stop us drinking that beer! Sunday was a bit of a washout, I went for a short walk in the morning, for 2 1/2 miles, with 800m vertical height gain, and then height loss! Much shopping was then doen in Keswick just to fill the day. Monday was a much nicer day, and was spent doing the noble art of quandering, find one old mine on your map, and go explore, and you have a quander! Return on Monday even got me home by midnight, despite an interesting stop in Preston for food! I genuinely wondered if we would ever be allowed to leave!

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