Friday, 27 April 2007

I'm so bored

Sounds really bad when there is so much shit going on in the world but I am so very bored! I'm sat in the library (well they call it the Informtion Commons, but that's the uni trying to be posh!) again. Last night I was here till 8pm, Monday night I was here until 7 at least, and in the past couple of weeks it's felt like I've lived here.
I think it's been worth it, I have a busy couple of weeks before all my deadlines, so really needed to get organised before then. I think I've managed it,
6000 word dissertation on teh mammalian family tree- check
1800 word essay on a named area of reproductive behaviors- check
Introduction for group talk- check

Why does it feel as if I've missed something, no one else I know is this organised yet, I know why I'm this organised, but it just feels wrong to have done your coursework for 2 weeks before the deadline!
In case you hadn't noticed I live a relatively dull ife, for so long my sole aim has been to get through university and gain a respectable degree. Now it looks as if that is going to happen it feels odd. I'll be starting doing a teacher training course in September but it will be a very different lifestyle to my current one of such self motivated learning. Having said that, I'm bored, I will never use practically any of the information from this year in my future, and I have a lovely £4000 debt to show for it!

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