Thursday, 18 January 2007

We have a home!

Well after the tears and frustration of last week we have finally sorted out a flat. It's not been easy and has led to lots of nervous waitng but we are finally done. It's in the same block of flats and owned by the same landlord as the one we just lost out on. even Lex has secretly admitted to being quite excited and looking forward to July. We've even found a friend who says we can out our stuff in his garage if we can't move in 5 days early!
Revision is also going quite well, though I've reached the point where I'm not sure what to learn, I think a few latin names and some facts and figure might be on order.
Climbing is going well, though after yesterdays session I ache.
List of things to do today
Sort out my Rainbow overnight
Find out where my new Rainbows were when they didn't turn up to the meeting
Sort out next weeks Rainbow meeting
Make some Leek and Potato soup for tea

I think that will keep me busy for today!

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