Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Everything seems better when the sun comes out...

or does it?
after the spell of bad weather we've been having recently it's been nice to see the sun again. Not that I have been able to get out and do anything. Weekends as ever are a write off due to work, and weekdays seem to be devoted to revision. Apparently it's also rather cold as well, and while friction is supposedly better in the cold I've always been a fan pf feeling my hands while climbing!
Oh well, at least I'm still getting exercise by keeping up with indoor climbing. It will make up for the bad foods I'm eating at the moment!
Another plus is the flat hunting, we're going to see one tomorrow morning, we'll be the first ones to see it and it's in the same block as the one we missed out on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
My ankle also seems to be getting better, I'm doing my physio exercises religiously and they do seem to be helping. Think I might ask her for a bit of advise for my hip on the next appointment.

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