Friday, 5 January 2007

Things are looking up

Well since my last post things are a bit more cheerful. I have a place to do my PGCE next year, conditional on me gaining my degree, so I'd better get revising then. This bit isn't going so well, in preference to revision today I have cleaned the kitchen and bathroom untill they're spotless, and taken down the Christmas decorations. It's also nice to be back in Sheffield and be in charge of my own life again, just me and Lex and to be honest that's just how I like it. some friends are already back so we're getting together on saturday to catch up. I've also been climbing since we got back, definitely feeling a bit of a loss of fitness!
Anyway I really had better go and get some work done, I also need to think about starting to find a house for next year, something I could really do without!

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