Sunday, 7 January 2007

It's nice to be back at work

Well by the end of last year I was more than ready for a break from my little darlings that I teach at the climbing wall. They're all good kids but you can get a bit tired of breaking up the fights, placating people that yes it isn't fair that they've had less go's than everyone else but that you can't do anything about it now as the session is over, and you need to go and return to normality! However after a 2 week break from then I was actually pleased to see them all. They're just as annoying as I remember but most of them are a pleasure to teach. I was talking to a few of the parents about their progress and the change some of them have made in a few months is amazing. While it is the kids that have achieved this I'd like to think I was a helping hand along that road. While I don't think I have the next Leo Holding amongst them, I may well have the next Lucy Creamer, no really she is that good. She gets up boulder problem in her trainers that I've seen adults struggle on. The main problem is that her main sport is gymnastics and her Mum is none to keen on climbing distracting her from this. In the mean time I'm happy to continue teaching her what little I know, and can only hope she sees the light! though seriously I hope she continues with whatever sport makes her happy.

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