Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Happy New Year

Things just don't seem right at the momment. It mosty feels that I'm just marking time untill this year is over. My degree no longer seems all that interesting and is simply a means to get me on a PGCE course and start doing what I'm really interested in. I have a set of exmas then another 12 weeks of teaching then one more set of exams then it will all be finished, quite scary really, it only seems like yesterday that i was a scared little fresher hobbling round crutches. Speaking of which I finally have a physiotheapy appointment to see if I can get my ankle sorted out any better. I'm sick of having an irritating amount of pain every time I do things. It's not enough to really stop me doing anything but does mean that whatever I'm doing isn't as enjoyable as I woudl like.
Not surprising when you see what it looked like after the accident!

The New Year seems to have got both me and Lex down, neither of us really want to be doing our degrees anymore but a least I have a definite goal at the end of mine. We both spent last night in his flat watching Blackadder, fell asleep accidentally at 10.30 then were woken up by fireworks, said Hapy New Year and went back to sleep. What an exciting life we lead!

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