Saturday, 19 August 2006

It's raining

Well so far I am a bit unimpressed with the weather. When I was working loads the weather was boiling hot, now I don't have much work it's decided to rain. Me and Lex went on holiday to my parents to get some climbing done and actually did quite well, one very good day at the Roaches, one ok day at Castle Naze, and then a day of being ill! Yay! Anyway the past week Lex and I have tried to get out climbing lots, and the weather has been wet, or looking like it was going to be wet, so we went indoors.
Today I really want to go in to town, but it's absolutely pissing it down, maybe it's going to stop, or I could be getting very wet! However as I threw away all of Lex's holey socks I'd better buy him some new ones and some Lush bath bubbles to make up for it!

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