Wednesday, 2 August 2006

All homely

Yet again I'm at home. The parents have gone away for the week leaving me to look after the climbing wall and the house. As a result of being at home I've become all grown up. Wandering round the garden watering things and picking my own fruit and veg is making me desperate for my own garden. Tonights tea is all home grown, peas, french beans, and roasted courgette! Together with fresh strawberries and Rasberries, they taste so much better than ones from the shops.
I keep wanting to do all sorts of nice things, on the ukc forums someone was talking about making their own cheese and yoghurt, I woudl love to do things like that but living in a crummy student house means I have no garden and I don't think my housemates would like having fermenting cheese around. At least I can cook cakes though, I found this blog called a spoonful of sugar, just thinking about it is making me want cakes!

The picture at the top is a flower arrnagement by my Mum, very talented lady I think! Yet another thing I woudl love to do, at least I know who can do my flowers for any future wedding! (sorry about the crappy photo, had to take it with the iSight on my Macbook)

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