Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Buckingham Palace

Well yesterday I got to see what a Buckingham Palace Garden Party is really like. Unfortunately I wasn't a guest I was only there as a steward, but I did have a great day, got to have a cucumber sandwich and can say I've been to the loo in the palace!
The only down side was dressing as a piece of rock, because I was representing Girlguiding UK I had to wear the lovely new formal stripy blouse, and it is hideous!
I saw the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Camilla, and quite a few other minor royals. I also got to see the chaos behind the food tent, there are people running about like crazy, huge boilers heating all the water for tea and more plates of sandwiches than you can believe!
I just have a few days to recover before I have my Queens Guide award presented, but tonight I'm taking my Rainbows out for a picnic, then on Thursday promised my housemates I'd go out for a drink with them.

Oh and I nearly forgot (test for my parents to see if they read this!) I have passed this year of my degree, all my results average out at a 2.1 which I'm very happy with, my result of 74 in evolution of terestrial ecosystems has left me very amazed with myself!

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