Friday, 30 June 2006


Well since my last entry I have had a birthday! I am now the grand old age of 21! I had a lovely day. I got woken up by Lex who was hugely excited about giving me my presents, which were very lovely. I'm particularly excited about my ant works ( ) All I need now is some ants! I spent most of the day scrubbing carpets and carrying boxes to help Lex move. But I did get to go out for the evening. We met up with some people from the climbing club in the Little John in Hathersage for a meal.
Since then I've been to a park to watch everyone have a go at Mountain Boarding. (I like all my limbs in one place so didn't have a go). I have discovered I'm not to bad on a slack line as well! Finally I have something I'm better at than Lex. Apparently I look a bit like a demented clown with limbs poking out in all sorts of directions, but at least I can take a couple of steps without falling off!
I'm currently sorting out a load of stuff for Rainbows in September, and wondering how to spend the rest of the day!

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