Tuesday, 27 June 2006

busy couple of days

Well having worked all weekend I had a very nice treat at the end of Sunday. Chris who I worked with all day invited me out climbing with him and some friends that evening. As it's been ages since I went climbing I couldn't really say no could I! Anyway considering it's been 5 months since I led on grit, and a couple of months since I led anything at all I think I did alright. Led a S4a with only small amounts of difficulty, top roped an E2 5b that didn't actually feel too hard, and backed off a VS 5b because I was a bit pumped and had a traverse which I remembered I don't like while part way up the climb!
My hands are now a right mess with fabulous grit rash, cuts and bruises all over them! But it was a highly enjoyable afternoon; possibly more so because I left Lex at work! Was very nice to leave him behind while I went out climbing for a change!

Spent all of today helping Lex move house. We finally have all his stuff in the new flat. I've managed to ruin a pair of jeans, carrying his bike up 3 flights of stairs, by smearing oil on the thigh! Typical.
All that's left now is to clean the house from top to bottom. As it was a house of 8 boys it's not exactly immaculate! To be fair they have all cleaned as they left but they tend not to notice really obvious things!

My achievement for tonight has to be doing my accounts for my Rainbow unit. It's only taken me 6 hours! For the past 2 hours I have been desperately trying to find a missing 50p between my end of year statement, and the accounts for the whole year!
I can now go to bed happy and get all excited about my birthday tomorrow! Yay!

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