Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wintery Musings

We have snow, not much, but enough to make me happy. This winter has been so wet that it's nice to have a bit of variety. Today was particularly nice because the sun came out as well!

This is the view down our valley, the hills in the distance are pretty big, and Mum and Dad were walking in them today, apparently the snow is pretty deep up there. I would have loved to have joined them, but I had to use this instead.

It's the brand new boiler in my dyeing caravan, the last cold spell we had burst the pipes, which was a rather expensive error in not draining all the water out. This boiler looks rather space age, but isn't actually any better than the 1970's model it replaced. 

While I was busy dyeing, the chickens were busy being spoiled pests! They spend most of their day hanging around by the caravan and my Dad's workshop. He throws them a handful of corn on a regular basis, so today, every time I stepped outside I was met with sqwarking and indignant waddling unlesss a handful of food was produced. Of course, they then ignored most of it in favour of finding yummy things under the caravan...

All this is a roundabout way of saying, look out for some new dyed fibre in the shop over the next few days, there's definitely some Camel/Silk, and a few other things coming your way soon. 

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