Saturday, 19 January 2013

Cross Country

Two years ago my Mum bought a cheap set of cross country skis second hand on Ebay, of course, last winter we had no snow, so they didn't get used at all, but today they were great fun in one of our local forests.

The snow was really deep round here, nearly a foot in some places, which was pretty hard work because you just sank in. Of course the dogs came with us, and had a great time. 

Gwen is part German Shepherd and loves the snow, lots of good smells, and it keeps you lovely and cool!

Of course, there are also little creatures hiding under the snow, and it's fun to try and find them!

The sun might not be out, but with views like this, it's hard to mind. 
I ache in places I didn't know had muscles (which is probably part of the problem!), so this afternoon is a leisurely one with my spinning wheel in front of the fire.

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  1. Never thought of buying xcountry skis on eBay - what a Brilliant Idea. I'm about to settle down and ply.