Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Beach

Summer is over, the tourists have mostly gone home, and we can reclaim our beaches.
The dogs love the beach, nothing beats an open stretch of sand and some waves, and of course, a tennis ball!

The beach we go to most often is Aberdyfi, it's about 30 minutes drive from our house, and is also a great source of driftwood for making things. We always end up taking a rucsac full of wood back home with us, Dad takes them in to the garage and turns them in to mirrors and candle holders for our market stall. 

Meg will chase after her tennis ball all day if we let her, Gwen however prefers to play with the tennis ball thrower, even if you're trying to use it to throw the ball. 
The weather on Friday was beautiful, blue skies and high fluffy clouds, the beach acted like a mirror.

This is the view back towards the Dyfi estuary, well worth taking a morning off, we've not had many days like this during the summer!

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