Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Glasgow School of Yarn

I've just got back from a lovely weekend in Glasgow at an event called Glasgow School of Yarn. The event is organised by the wonderful Antje, owner of The Yarn Cake. In comparison to the big events like Wonderwool and Woolfest this is more compact, more friendly,  more relaxed. There are some wonderful classes that take place from world renowned tutors (we'll gloss over the part where I didn't recognise Amy Singer....), and there is lots of wonderful cake.

This is the view as you enter the marketplace, the tables in the middle were filled all day with people sitting, knitting, chatting, spinning, learning....
As ever, the Learn to Spin Kits proved to be popular, one of the nice things about this event is that it was relaxed enough to let me give people a hand as they took their first steps with a drop spindle. Normally at shows it's so busy that I don't know which way is up, let alone have chance to teach people. 

One of my challenges for the event was to squeeze everything on to a 6 foot table, not for the first time I was green with envy as I watched the yarn vendors stack up yarn, batts in plastic bags are sloppy and take up lots of space!
There were a few new things that I took to the event, I had thought I might bring some of them back with me, but they all sold. One of the most popular new things were some dyed silk. Amy Singer (off of Knitty) ran a silk spinning workshop, and at lunchtime her class descended on the stall like a hoard of vultures.
 I have one pack of silk hankies left, rather than photograph them and add them to the shop, you can won them by leaving a comment here. On the 30th October I'll randomly draw a name from a hat, and send the winner a message (make sure you don't comment anonymously). 

I'll be doing more silk dyeing soon, so keep an eye out for it in the shop.

The event is held in the Mackintosh Church, this was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and everywhere you look there are examples of his design, the same motifs appear everywhere, even on the toilet doors. 

If you can make it to Glasgow next year, Antje was heard to mutter that she'd be running another event,  then I hope to see you there.


  1. I love spinning silk blends because they draft so beautifully, is pure silk tricky to spin?

    1. Sorry, just found this comment as I was doing the draw and realised I never replied. Personally, I'm not a fan of spinning pure silk as I find it hard on my hands, I know of plenty of people who love doing it though. Probably best to try for yourself!

  2. The stall looks great and it sounds like a wonderful weekend. I'd love to be able get to the next one but it's a bit far away

  3. Oh wow, I really wish I could've seen your stand and all the other ones in real-life! Sounds like everyone had a good time.

    Also silk is yummy ;)

    - Vero

  4. Wow, looks fabulous. Wish I could have been there.

  5. Lurker here: The event sounds absolutely fabulous, your table looks beautiful and its wonderful to see that you did so well!

  6. It sounds like it was a great event - and cake as well! :)

  7. Events like these are wonderful for everyone. They are inspiring and sometimes I wonder how vendors who dye, spin and knit lots of their own fibres have the time. The stalls always look amazing, inviting and adds a little more happiness to my life.

  8. As one of those who raided the stall after the silk class (and the day before too) your stuff is wonderful!

  9. Thanks for the update, Katie. I was wishing I had a transporter beam so I could get there from the US. Instead, I went t,o Rhinebeck. Thanks for the giveaway; I hope I win! Miss you in the Shed.