Monday, 25 June 2012


I seem to be a bit jinxed with fibre festivals this year. Wonderwool was cold beyond belief, and I'm just back from Woolfest where it rained beyond belief.

I'm very lucky in that we have a camper van, the poor people in tents really suffered this weekend, either facing long drives the next morning due to having to go home, or having to sleep in the backs of vans. 

However, inside was dry (once I put a bucket in the corner to catch the drips), and filled with fluffy goodness of every variety. I got to speak to lots of existing customers, and enable lots of new spinners. 

This was my petite stall, filled with lots of fibre at the start of the show. I'm pleased to say that it was considerably emptier by the end of Saturday, as I'd bought 6 fleeces and was getting a bit worried about fitting them in the van.

I also needed space to bring home this lovely. I sold my Traveller at Wonderwool and this is her replacement, single treadle which suits me much better. This model of Traditional dates to around 1975 so is 10 years older than me, and spins beautifully still. 

Of course Woolfest wouldn't be Woolfest without saying hello to Bruno the Manx Loaghtan ram. Got any food?

I'm home now and busy unpacking, and updating the shop. It will take me a while to get everything done, but I'll get there eventually!


  1. Your stand was beautiful and enticing. We had a bucket in our camper van too. Apart from the rain, was a great Woolfest.

  2. I can see my spinning kit on your photo! <3 hehe

  3. Hello Katie..

    Thought I’d stop by your blog and say hello from my part of Wales to yours.

    Whilst admiring all your lovely crafting skills and the pretties you’ve made I got chatting with your Father at his Tywyn market stall on Monday. I wanted to tell you that your creations are a joy to behold... it was so refreshing to discover a stall selling something quite different to the usual run of the mill market merchandise.

    I’ve just started making felt, the soapy water method... its great fun to see how by mixing the different coloured wools such lovely patterns are created. I want to have a go at the drop spindle method too, I’ve got the equipment and your Dad kindly gave me one of your leaflets... but its good to see the wool can be obtained locally now. I shall pass this on to our Church Craft club.

    I wish you well with all your ventures. Marion

  4. It was so great to meet you at WOOLFEST! I also came away with 3 fleeces - I got Manx and 2 Boreray Fleeces... I will have to work hard to get them looking anywhere near as lovely as your wonderful prepared fibres! I am spinning up your British Sheep Breeds Sampler pack for a Sheepheid, I think it's wonderful that you sell UK fibres, so beautifully prepared.