Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Apologies for the long absense. The hard drive on my laptop died, and while it was fixed accessing all my sites was challenging to say the least!

I've also been very busy in my absence, I leave to go to Woolfest  tomorrow which means lots and lots of work. I'm nearly done, though there are a few jobs that have had to wait until I got my laptop back.
If you can't make it to Woolfest I will be taking the shop down on Thursday morning, I hope to have it back up on Sunday, but it might be Monday.

After we get back from Woolfest then the next big event to get excited about is the Tour de Fleece, I've done this every year since I learnt to spin. The basic principle is that you spin for a bit, every day that the Tour de France bike race is on. Twitter followers will already know that I am a cycling fan (just the watching mind you), so this marriage of 2 of my favourite things makes this time of year rather enjoyable!
If you want to join in, then head over to the Ravelry group, we don't have an official team this year, but I am in a few groups where you can come and join me.
Of course, all this spinning means that more fibre is needed, so there's 10% off with the code GOCAV, just enter it in to the coupon code box when you checkout.

This has turned in to a very wordy post so I will leave you with some chicken pictures. They've also been a bit broken reccently. They picked up scaly leg mite, which is now nearly better, and 4 of them went broody. Broody chickens very much remind me of teenage girls, they sit up a corner muttering to themselves, and take a peck at you if you dare to suggest they might want to go out an enjoy the sunshine...

However, they are all now nearly back to normal and are out and about rampaging through the garden. 

Boyo in particular is very happy, for a while his harem was reduced to 1, which really wasn't satisfactory. 

This grass looks tasty....

But I can't be bothered to move, so streeeetttcchhhh!

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  1. Hello! Was lovely to meet you at Woolfest today! I was the terrified lady who bought a pink spindle kit, haha! There may well be a few swear words in my house tonight ;)