Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mini eggs

The  Chickens have been performing very well, they seem to have settled in nicely, and are becoming rather friendly. They've also started producing eggs, I suspect it's only one or two of them laying, a couple of the hens have more prominent, redder combs so are probably a bit more mature than the other girls. So far we've had an egg a day, but it's not looking like we'll get one today.

Being bantams of course the eggs are tiny, we're used to little eggs, we get the smallest ones from our local farmer anyway (we have his littlest eggs in exchange for a cheaper price!), but these eggs really are tiny, smaller than a Cadbury's creme egg, that's one of the eggs in my hand in the picture, and I don't have large hands!

PS- Fibre Club subscriptions opened on Thursday, there's only 4 spaces left so if you were thinking about joining, best get your skates on!

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