Saturday, 25 February 2012

How time flies

My new workspace is serving me well, lots of yummy things have been coming out of the workshop recently, and it's so nice to have space to spread things out. The stockpile for Wonderwool is also increasing nicely, one of the jobs for next week is to go and work out exactly how much has been made, and how much more I need to make!

The builders were back in yesterday to lay the oak flooring downstairs. Now all I need is the kitchen finishing, and the shower installed, and a few other snags fixed, and I'll be able to move in (oh I also need to get a toilet seat, definitely not moving in until there's one of those!) Once everything is finished I'll take a few more pictures to share with you.

In further exciting news I'll be getting some chickens. Their house arrived on Wednesday, and I spent a very enjoyable Thursday morning putting it together. I'm going to go and collect 6 bantams from my friend Katherine on Thursday!

Today was the first warm sunny day in ages, and it feels like spring might be coming to our normally wet and windy valley!

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