Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hidden Treasures

One of the bad good things about selling on Etsy is the inspiration you get, and the amount of fantastic stuff, by ver clever people that's out there is unbelievable.
Every now and again I put together treasuries (collections of items based on a theme), sometimes these finds lead me further to to a persons shop, and the inspiration I find is unbelievable.

This bunting is just fantastic, and such a clever idea. If I had a wedding or special occasion I was looking for decorations for I'd buy it in an instant.

I've been busy with local fairs and markets for the last couple of days, and the inspiration there has been equally fantastic. If you have a craft fair local to you, it's well worth a visit.
(If you are ever in my bit of Wales, I'm at Builth Wells on the first Saturday of every month, come and say hello)

1 comment:

  1. What fantastic bunting! Thanks for pointing it out! I agree, Etsy is such an inspiring place and treasuries are great fun to put together. I can spend hours on that website when I should be doing other things! :)