Monday, 29 August 2011

Making Monday

Autumn is on it's way... it never really felt like we had summer, but round here leaves are turning colours, and the fruit trees are starting to ripen.
This is our Damson tree, we didn't plant it, by the looks of it this tree has been here for many years. This year it has so many fruits they're grouped on the tree like grapes!
All being well this will be it's last year of fruiting, the barn you can see in the background is going to be converted in to living space, and a big wooden deck will fill the space where the tree is now.

It's sad, but thew views up the valley are as beautiful as the views down it, and it will block out the view. We can always plant another tree, and the next one will produce a fruit that's bigger and easier to pick, as we suspect this might be a wild damson, the fruit on it is small, and ripens very variably!
So what do you do with all these damsons? Well there's jam, and crumble, and wine....
Not quite made yet, we're collecting the ripe ones in the freezer until we're ready, but the intention is there!


  1. I have made damson jam (didn't set), damson and marrow jam (did set) and am in in the process of making damson gin. Good luck making when you get all of the fruit!