Monday, 15 August 2011

Making Monday- Mojitos

This post will be sadly lacking in pictures, for which I apologise, but we drunk the drinks I made last night before I remembered to get the camera out...oops!

I love a nice cocktail, living in rural mid-Wales my opportunities for cocktails are rather slim unless I make them myself. At this time of year nothing beats a mojito, minty, limey, refreshing, and made out of ingredients that aren't that hard to keep around the house.

To make 2 large tall glasses you need-

A handful of mint leaves
2 Limes
Some white rum
Soda Water

I start by grinding up the mint leaves in a pestle and mortar with 2 teaspoons of sugar (I don't like it too sweet, feel free to add more sugar). When the the leaves and sugar have formed a paste divide the paste between the 2 glasses, squeeze a lime in to each glass, add a slug of rum, 6 ice cubes, top up with soda water and give a good stir.

Not quite as good as the ones in a cocktail bar, but quite close, and definitely cheaper!


  1. Sounds wonderful! ...and you'll just have to make some more so that you can photograph them! ;)

  2. mmmmm....mojitos.

    with the added benefit of using up some of the excess mint festooning my neglected garden.