Thursday, 18 February 2010

Early to bed, early to rise

I wish I could say I'd been up to something interesting but alas I've not. I did go to a pancake party last night so have had my yearly dose of pancakes. I'm also off out tonight with one of the other teachers from school, after all it is the holidays and I've not had chance to relax for very much of it.
My one concession is having a lie in, normally I get up at 6am, which means I'm asleep for 10pm. I don't mind getting up that early but going to bed that early really hurts at times. So many social activities become difficult if you have to leave at 9.30 to go to bed!
However while it's the holidays I'm enjoying being able to spend time in bed... though a new mattress would definitely help,but I'm working on that!

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