Sunday, 21 February 2010

And still it snows

I woke up this morning to 4 inches of snow.... not quite sure where it came from. The forecast seemed to indicate we might get some, but certainly not as much as this. I was meant to be taking my Rainbows to our city's Thinking Day event, but got a phone call saying that was cancelled. I was then left with the dilemma about what to do with this bonus day off!
Of course with all that snow it seemed silly not to take advantage of it. I was also inspired by Kate Davis of Needled. Kate is a designer extraordinaire, she designed the iconic Owl sweater (look in the sidebar to the left for my version). A couple of weeks ago she suffered a stroke, and lost use of limbs on her left side. Kate is just a few years older than me, and like me combines knitting with teaching, and a love of being outdoors. She posted in her blog today updating us on how she was doing, she's posted so many pictures of herself over the winter of her out enjoying the snow that I felt it would be wrong not to go out today. I already commented wishing Kate the best, but wanted to pay tribute to her here as well.

Snowy wood
Snowy riverSnowy pond
I feel so lucky to live in a city where I can enjoy walks like this within 5 minutes of leaving my door, if I wanted to I could walk for miles following the park right out in the countryside.
My return route takes me through a graveyard, I have a real fascination with graveyards, I love reading the headstones, imagining the story behind the dates. No reading today though as everywhere was very snowy and slippy. The gravestones are slowly being taken over by the wood, everything is going back to nature. I'd much rather see this than somewhere immaculate.
Snowy Graveyard
Snowy Graveyard
Snowy graveyard


  1. several things strike me here - first - oh my gosh, I had forgotten that tomorrow is Thinking Day - I must dig out my trefoil. Secondly - that's young to have a stroke - must go pay a visit. Thirdly - snow, what snow - it's nice and sunny with blue skies here in Wiltshire!!! great photos!

  2. That was such an enjoyable post to read. It's so wonderful you paid tribute to Kate and enjoyed the snow at the same time.


  3. Yes, wasn't that shocking, given how very active Kate is? Great to hear that she is already able to knit though.