Sunday, 24 January 2010

Winter Walking

This weekend was declared a weekend where I was not going to sit at home working. I busted a gut over the nights this week to make sure I was organised to do it, and then disappeared off to Wales with the new fella. We stayed with some friends of his, which was definitely preferable to camping, Saturday the weather was ok. Not rainy but with all the summits sitting in clouds, with more blind optimism than any real expectation we headed up the Carneddau, and unsurprisingly spent most of the day in the cloud. At least there was snow on the ground though.

I even managed to find a gap between the boulders large enough loose my leg in when the snow collapsed!
Today however was a rubbish day, the cloud was down even lower, and it was raining so we escaped and spent the day at home instead.
All in all a pretty awesome weekend, I even got half a sock done!

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