Monday, 18 May 2009

Let's Play

From Meridian Ariel

1. What is your last name? I'm only saying it begins with W!
2. A 4 Letter Word? Wild
3. A Boy’s Name? William
4. A Girl’s name? Wilhemenia (anyone know any more?)
5. An Occupation? Welder
6. A Color? White
7. Something you wear? Waterproofs
8. A Beverage? Wine (ah wine, how I love you!)
9. A Food? White chocolate (lame, I know)
10. Something found in the bathroom? Water
11. A place? Winchester
12. A Reason for being late? World War Three
13. Things you shout? W*@*$er (it popped in to my head, I have no idea why!)

Play along if you like, copy and paste, change your answers and leave me a comment!

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