Sunday, 26 July 2009

Until next year

The tour de france has just finished which means that it's time to look back on what I managed to knit and spin. This year got interupted by a trip to Scotland, and this time last year I hadn't learnt to spin yet so there was no repeat of last years mammoth effort!

I have however knitted a pair of socks from my own handspun, and a few squares for a p/hop afghan which is going to be auctioned in September.
Tour de France finished items

On the spinning front I've managed 3 skeins in total.
Silk Handspun
98m of laceweight silk, just enough to work out I don't like spinning silk, and too little to actually be useful! It is pretty though.
Spindle Handspun
Some sparkly fingering weight which is my first spindle spun yarn.
Handspun Teesdale
And some laceweight Teesdale wool.

Unmentionable legwarmers

Just so you don't start getting the wrong idea about me I also finished these over th last few days... the least said the better, they're going to the frog pond I've now knitted 5 individual legwarmers in an effort to make 2 complete pairs and suffered to get the sizing right on all of them. I declare defeat, the yarn is lovely soft alpaca, it can be something else!


  1. You got a lot accomplished! The socks are lovely! I feel your pain with the leg warmers. I haven't tried that yet, but I sometimes have major differences with my socks. One friend does "two at a time" on a set of needles - perhaps that's the secret for making matching leg warmers as well!

  2. Two at a time fair isle.... can you imagine the tangles!