Wednesday, 27 May 2009

An achievement

Just in case you were wondering about the radio silence I'm on half term holiday and enjoying it immensely. an old fiend from uni who moved down south has been up for the week visiting and we've been off doing things most days. It's nice to have someone to spend the holiday with as everyone else is currently revising like crazy for university exams.

In other news my first ever knitting pattern has now been published! Go me! Hopefully it will be the first of many but I'm not promising!
It's a free pattern but the idea is that in return for knitting it you make a donation of however much you can afford to p/hop. p/hop is the brain child of Natalie over at The Yarn Yard and stands for pennies per hour of pleasure. There are so many wonderful free patterns out there, and the idea is that you donate some money to Medecins sans Frontier in exchange for knitting them. If you want to download the pattern then the direct link is here.

Endpaper socks

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  1. I would have come up (although from your post it sounds like i did lol) but some of us are still working. Glad you're getting some down time.