Monday, 9 March 2009

A crazy weekend

That followed a crazy week. Basically I didn't stop being n the go since Thursday. At one point there was 24 hours with no sleep and at another point I was very happily drunk and dancing like a lunatic. Actually, thinking about it, those 2 things did overlap, amazing how lack of sleep turns me in to a cheap drunk!

I spent Friday night and Saturday looking after crazy people like this, find out more about what I was really up to here

Then Saturday night doing this

Then Sunday Morning sleeping, followed by driving a minibus again to go and eat some food, then sunday night drinking....
Knitting progress is practically nil, liver damage is potentially high.


  1. Oooh, is it still "Pop Tarts" at the union on a Saturday night? I LOVED pop tarts when i was in Sheffield. Hee Hee. Hope you are feeling a bit more like yourself today!

  2. It is indeed. I love Pop Tarts to, I have yet to have a bad night there.

  3. pop tarts was always too good for me...

  4. I hope too goodness you had fun on saturday

  5. all those athletes are too good for me, reckon I'll never be in with a chance