Sunday, 8 February 2009

More of the same

There is still snow on the ground here, in fact not just on the ground but still 3 inches on next doors kitchen roof. Surprisingly I drove down to the city centre to go to the cash and carry yesterday and all the snow has gone, just shows what difference a bit of height makes. We might have more coming, we might not, they seem to be unable to make up their minds.

The house is filled with all sorts of bad stuff, I had to go to the wholesaler yesterday to buy the food for the club's trips to Scotland that are coming up. I'm not going, I don't do Scottish winter, too much cold, too much wind and usually too much rain! Plus I have to go to work the following Monday after a night when I get maybe 4 hours sleep, no thanks!

Todays plan, make some progress on all the knitting projects i have started.... serious startitis going on over here, and play on my spinning wheel.

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  1. ha ha, I know exactly what you mean by startitis - I have a few projects on the go - some I know I may never finish, but at least I tried!!