Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I think I got my mojo back

Three posts in three days, looks like I'm back in the habit.
Today's post as promised is bought to you by the letter r, from Natalie

Basically she's given me a letter and I write a post around that letter.

1) Royalty
I have almost an unhealthy obsession with royal families. My favourite type of fiction is historical focusing around past kings and queens of England.

2) Reality check
Occasionally I need one, or sometimes give them to other people. Has happened a couple of times this week, to people asking me to do things that are not my job, and to students who want me to do their job for them!
Also had a major one at Christmas when I realised that being District Commissioner was running me in to the ground. I said enough, and have never been happier!

3) Renting
It sucks, I can't wait until it can stop, i want to decorate my house with pink walls should I so desire, and I won't have to live with half working things because a landlord won't fix them, and I'll be damned if I will because that's why I pay rent! I also want one of these-

and maybe one of these

The next rental house will be one that allows pets!

4) Radio
I always have a radio on. I fall asleep listening to radio 4, sometime the book at bedtime, but mostly before then. This has soothed me to sleep on many a night while I was still a student, and sent me back to sleep on nights I've woken up and not dropped back to sleep straight away. I also wake up to the sound of the news, at the moment it's usually hearing of another financial crisis, but never mind.
I also love listening to Chris Moyles on Radio 1, I march in to school (having got up late!) in the morning listening to him. He's not to everyone's taste but I find him hilarious! In contrast I also listen to The Archers, wouldn't have thought there are many of us around with similar wide ranging tastes!

5) Rivendell

I love this sock, I have the perfect yarn, I've had the perfect yarn for some time now, what I lack is the time... maybe teaching part time should be an option!

6) RSS feeds
This is the reason why I have to use Safari over Firefox. The RSS feed updater which allows to keep up with all my blogs is so clever yet so simple (Like much of the wonderful things from the brilliant Apple). I tried Firefox, it just doesn't work as well!

I think that will do, if you want your own letter leave me a comment and I'll pick one out for you.

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