Saturday, 26 July 2008

Leisure and Pleasure

This was the theme (I hope, memory is like a sieve!) of this years Floral Art Competition at my parents local show. Mum entered 7 classes, and did very well. She's gained another couple of pieces of silver ware to polish, one for the most original use of colour, and one for the most points gained in the overall competition, she won 2 of her classes.

Last time I posted some pictures of her arrangements you were all really nice and left some lovely comments, she does read here so I'd love for her to hear that other people besides her daughter think she's wonderful!
I've uploaded all the pictures on to Flickr so they can be nice and big, if you click on the pictures it will take you to a version you can see larger.
This first one is in the category called Another Opening of Another Show and Mum chose to represent the Lord of the Rings, I have posted about this before but we have a large collection of animal skulls.
Another Opening of Another Show
This one is World Wide Web, and unfortunately the only picture was taken with a shaky hand!
World Wide Web
I can't quite remember the name of the class but it does represent Ballet.
This is a miniature class (it measures 25cm across) and again I've forgotten the class title!


This is the entry in the Fantasy class, which was a hanging exhibit to be viewed from all sides,

This is another class name I've forgotten and it's also a little wobbly! It represents a day at the beach.
A day at the beach

This final one is in a class called Sporting Life where in true style Mum decided to represent Ice Climbing, we don't do those boring "safe" sports!
Sporting Life

Finally, some Nether Garment progress, I have done the first leg, and started the second one, maybe I'll have 2 legs by the time the tour hits Paris!
Tour de France Nether Garments
On the green band I've put a 50p piece (approximately 3cm across) to give some scale.


  1. Love the floral arrangements! Great use of color and design.

    A visitor for ICLW.

  2. wow, what incredible flowers!! And that sock is certainly coming on!!

    By the way, I have tagged you for the six quirky things meme, but that post wont appear until tomorrow (sorry!) as I didn't want to post twice in one day!

  3. Gorgeous flowers. They're amazing. I love the sport one. Just beautiful.