Friday, 6 June 2008

Some knitting

Firstly don't panic, after this short knitting interlude your usual random posts will continue.

Written while sitting school waiting for the end of the day! I have made that most basic of knitting errors and only bought 1 project along to walk on, and I have finished it. The leaf motif blanket in lilac is done. Well the knitting bit is, I still have to join the m of edging to the blanket…

(this is the darker version, for some reason I have no photos of the completed lilac one)

If you are the sort of person who likes watching the progress bars in the side (are there any of you out there?) you’ll have noticed that since I finished my Nutkin socks I have not made any more progress on anything.

This is not to say I have not been busy knitting, on the contrary, I have knitted possibly my coolest thing yet, and they’re for a swap, so are going to someone else, so you can’t see them. I had the feeling I was going to like this project though so I bought double of the most lovely softest 100% Alpaca ever. When my swap partner gets hers, I’ll cast on some for me, and you will be able to see exactly what they are.

I’m going home for a weekend to see my poor parents who have been very neglected recently, only problem is what knitting to take, I need something that I can knit while talking, which means simple. All my projects at the moment are far too complicated, so I need to start a new one, but that means winding another skein in to a ball… and I’m going out tonight to celebrate teaching my last ever lesson for this academic year. I’m teaching climbing tomorrow morning, and then going over to my parents, so when is this ball going to be wound. As a guide it takes about an hour for me to wind a ball by hand.

Fix it Friday is m.i.a this week, I have no ideas, none, zip, nada. Anyone want to share any good sites, good recipes, good ideas with me?

Edited to add that if you're interested in knitting I can't recommend that you join Ravelry highly enough. It's where I get all my patterns from, find out how to fix mistakes, learn new techniques, and drool over gorgeous yarns! If you're on there or do join then I'm hilltopkatie on there, feel free to add me as a friend.


  1. wow that blanket is awesome!

    here from NaComLeavMo

  2. Your knitting is breathtaking! I LOVE to knit -- but I'm horrible at it -- and I love beautiful yarn and all the colors...

    We have quite a bit in common -- teaching and hiking at any rate -- I'll return to read more!


  3. I love that blanket, both the pattern and the color!

    Hee, I guess it's the mark of a true knitter that the most important part of packing is choosing the right project to bring. My problem is my addiction to making huge blankets and shawls, which get awfully bulky and hard to pack after a while.

  4. Love the blanket and the socks! NCLM

  5. Visiting you with a return comment on NaComLeavMo. Yes, another knitter, and I was a teacher several millenia ago.

    I have about 20 squares of the completed leaf pattern in quite strong fifties colours that were knitted by my (English) Granny. I've thought about finishing them - the pattern is with them - but have not yet got on with it. Your gorgeous blanket has just inspired me to make a start.

    And yes, I've just joined Ravelry and I'll be back to check progress on your mystery project.

  6. Here from NCLM...
    I LOVE that lilac blanket!