Monday, 2 June 2008


I love June, it's my favourite month. All the trees are now green, things are starting to flower, and the whole summer is ahead of us. British Strawberries have just started to arrive in shops, and while they're not the same as homegrown ones after a winter f apples and oranges they taste like liquid nectar.
Somehow despite a weekend at home relaxing before going back to school I managed not to update, and even worse forgot to go commenting on Sunday (I think!). Looks like I'm on double dose today!
School today was slow, I'd just got in to holiday mode this weekend and came back to school today. I'm now exhausted, to tired to think about trawling through holiday photos and write about my trip to Thailand. That post will come I promise!


  1. You've been tagged!

  2. Can't wait to hear about the Thailand trip. Hope that the commenting is still going well.