Monday, 25 June 2007

Where can I get an ark?

It's raining, lots, and lots, and lots, and buckets, and poodles, and cats, and cats, and maybe even frogs!
The school I'm at closed at lunchtime, the science corridor had to have it's power shut off due to a leaking roof, and the road it's on was closed due to flooding. the school fields developed a lake, and well you get the picture. Getting home was worrying us, but luckily all was well. We've got to go in tomorrow but there will be no kids in due to continuing risk of electrocution, death, fire etc. Apparently you can take these risks with the staff!

The climbing wall Lex works at as had to close, the River Don has burst it's banks, flooded the car park, and has made it in to the entrance hall. Luckily the climbing hall is about 1m higher, so hopefully it will be spared!

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